Efficiency from source to supply

Daniels OFP B.V. specialises in sourcing organic vegetables on the European market. At our clients' request, Daniels OFP B.V. handles the entire procurement and transport process, from the source to the delivery at the locations specified by our clients. All of the necessary processes are carried out entirely at the order of our clients. At Daniels OFP B.V., the entire supply chain is in professional hands.

But what does this mean in concrete terms? Through Daniels OFP B.V., clients purchase directly from growers and Daniels OFP B.V. handles all phases of the supply. Maintaining close contact with a large number of organic growers has taught Daniels OFP B.V. exactly which products are available from which grower and at which price. All of the parties' activities are then directed by Daniels OFP B.V.: growers, transporters and, if desired, packing stations. Daniels OFP B.V. handles all of its clients' administrative, communication and logistics activities and provides the documentation necessary for procurement, scheduling, quality control, transport, supervision, delivery and invoicing.

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