Every day, excellent quality in sourcing vegetables

Daniels OFP B.V. specialises in the daily delivery of organic vegetables to European packing stations and importers. These deliveries include raw material, graded vegetables and packaged products. Our key objective is to meet our clients' specific wishes.

Daniels OFP B.V. was incorporated in June 2010. From the outset, our service has been fully oriented on meeting our clients' needs, every day. In accomplishing this, we foster long-term relationships with both our clients and our suppliers. Sourcing through Daniels OFP B.V. offers suppliers and clients an outstanding opportunity for establishing a permanent supply basis. Flexibility, continuous quality, clear communication through a single point of contact, extensive computerisation and constant innovation in our provision of information are the hallmarks of Daniels OFP B.V. This is how we are able to provide consistently excellent and efficient service to our clients.


Providing optimum service

Making our clients our top priority has led to customer satisfaction. Quality, flexibility and transparency are the core values underlying the services we provide. Daniels OFP B.V. wants to become the premier supply chain partner in the organic produce market by supplying that produce efficiently.


Continuous innovation

Our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, combined with an extremely efficient computerised fulfilment process, means that we source the best organic produce for our clients. Long-term relationships with all of our suppliers and clients and our revolutionary innovations are the cornerstones for our optimum level of customer service, and they will continue to be so in the future.

Services you can rely on


Optima forma

Daniels OFP B.V. attaches great value to long-term relationships with both growers and clients, as well as to the quality of our services. Daniels OFP B.V. handles every phase of the process, from source to delivery, and acts as a single point of contact. This makes things especially convenient for our clients, particularly when they wish to change an order. Engagements can be directly converted into full-fledged orders with unique batch numbers and made available to all relevant business contacts. Everyone involved in an order is notified when any changes are made. Daniels OFP B.V. continually seeks ways to improve its computerisation of various processes and to keep its clients informed. Everyone benefits from our efforts.

Daniels Sourcing Platform

The latest Extranet from Daniels OFP B.V. has an interactive follower, that from now on grants you access to the current supply and demand for potatoes, vegetables and fruit at any time – also via your smartphone. This handy and free web application links together clients (packing stations/importers) and suppliers/growers, and monitors each transaction via the platform directly, efficiently and in full-service. From complete order handling right through to final payment.

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24/7 personal portal

Daniels OFP B.V. is always looking for further ways to improve upon its services and transparency in information. For this reason we have designed our own Extranet. After the login, both customer and supplier can follow orders in real time and instantly see all details, including all administrative documents such as delivery tickets, contracts, certificates, crop records and company details.

Traqr: consumer traceability

100% Origin

Important is the detailed information about the product origin which is provided with each order. Through a simple mouse click or by scanning the unique QR code that each order has, customers and suppliers will be put to Google Maps. This shows directly the exact field location of the product. It is a new functionality in Daniels OFP B.V. Extranet and provides full transparency regarding the product origin.

See below an example of a consumer layout out after scanning the QR on a packaging. Customer-specific layouts can be generated per batch, so it is possible to create a unique code with its own identity for each retailer on every consumer packaging.


On the road

Daniels OFP B.V. invests in long-term relationships with clients, suppliers and hauliers. After all, delivery reliability is vital to our clients. So it’s hardly surprising that we work closely with our hauliers, who are fully aware of the demands that we impose on the responsible and reliable transport of organic produce. We arrange everything down to the last detail for our clients, also where last-minute deliveries are concerned.