Quality from A to Z

Quality is a term we do not use lightly! Quality begins at the source, which is why we are closely involved in our supply chain beginning when the produce is grown. This is how we are able to continuously supply high-quality products. But Daniels OFP B.V. takes it a step further: we devote an enormous amount of attention to the high quality of our services.

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Quality control before loading

At our clients' request, organic vegetables can be checked before they are transported. Our quality reports are made available to both the grower and the client. If there are problems with quality, we do everything we can to arrive at a solution before transport. This helps eliminate problems and extra costs from arising after transport has taken place. We also routinely check lots and make our clients' quality reports available to the relevant growers. Providing transparent information brings the parties closer together.


Ventilated Big Bags

In the ventilated big bags of Daniëls OFP B.V., fresh organic produce can "breathe" sufficiently. Moreover, the Daniëls OFP B.V. big bags are sturdy and have been manufactured as sound bulk packaging, also for long-distance transport.

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