Pete goes in search of the best every day.

The best image. Optimal consumer communication. The market is ready for a stronger positioning of organic vegetables. To achieve a distinctive focus on the best organic products in the shop, Daniels has cooperated to develop a new concept that goes further than just the quality of the organic product.

Using the trade name Pete’s Organic, we have developed an individual brand with which supermarkets can excel in every respect. From an exceptionally fresh appearance on the shelf to a QR code on the packing that shows where Pete has obtained the best on offer! Pete’s Organic is extremely suitable for retailers who are looking for a distinctive organic brand of excellent quality, with efforts being focused on continuous innovation of both the product and the entire supply chain. Needless to say, the wishes of the consumer are key.

Request Pete’s Organic market research (performed by Avans University of Applied Sciences) and learn more about the preferences of organic product consumers, or ask for our presentation!

Traqr: consumer traceability

100% Origin

Important is the detailed information about the product origin which is provided with each order. Through a simple mouse click or by scanning the unique QR code that each order has, customers and suppliers will be put to Google Maps. This shows directly the exact field location of the product. It is a new functionality in Daniels OFP B.V. Extranet and provides full transparency regarding the product origin.

See below an example of a consumer layout out after scanning the QR on a packaging. Customer-specific layouts can be generated per batch, so it is possible to create a unique code with its own identity for each retailer on every consumer packaging.

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