Organic, vegetable crops

We want to add true value to our supply chain, which is why we specialise in sourcing organic vegetables, particularly those grown in soil. Our main products are onions and carrots, but Daniels OFP B.V can also supply you with other organic vegetables.

  • Organic carrots

    Organic carrots

  • Brown onions

    Brown onions

  • Organic red onions

    Organic red onions

  • Organic shallots

    Organic shallots

  • Organic garlic

    Organic garlic

  • Organic pumpkins

    Organic pumpkins

  • Organic root parsley

    Organic root parsley

  • Organic red beets

    Organic red beets

  • Organic parsnips

    Organic parsnips

  • Organic leeks

    Organic leeks

  • Organic celeriac

    Organic celeriac

  • Organic red cabbage

    Organic red cabbage

  • Organic white cabbage

    Organic white cabbage

  • Organic sweet potatoes

    Organic sweet potatoes

  • Organic potatoes

    Organic potatoes

  • Organic Fennel

    Organic Fennel

  • Organic Butternut Squash

    Organic Butternut Squash

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