Sourcing Organic Fresh Produce

Every day, excellent quality in sourcing organic fruit and vegetables

Daniels OFP B.V. specialises in the daily delivery of organic fruit and vegetables to European packing stations and importers. These deliveries include raw material, graded vegetables and packaged products. Our key objective is to meet our clients' specific wishes.

Daniels OFP B.V. was incorporated in June 2010. From the outset, our service has been fully oriented on meeting our clients' needs, every day. In accomplishing this, we foster long-term relationships with both our clients and our suppliers. Sourcing through Daniels OFP B.V. offers suppliers and clients an outstanding opportunity for establishing a permanent supply basis.

Flexibility, continuous quality, clear communication through a single point of contact, extensive computerisation and constant innovation in our provision of information are the hallmarks of Daniels OFP B.V. This is how we are able to provide consistently excellent and efficient service to our clients.

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